To reduce the empty running ratio on the railway, Automatic Freight rebate is allowed at the time of booking itself to customers in the notified TEFD. Freight for all commodities under this scheme will be charged at reduced rates.

  • Objective: To reduce the empty running ratio on the railway and to garner additional revenue in the notified TEFD, allowing Automatic Freight rebate at the time of booking to customers in inter/intra Zone directions.

  • Eligible:  All Goods shed, Sidings, Ports, PFTs etc.,

  • Commodities exempted:  Iron Ore, Coal & Coke, POL, RMC, Military, Chemical manures and commodities under Class LR2 & LR3.

  • Freight Rate: Freight for all commodities under this scheme charged at Class-LR-1 for Trainload & Class-100 for wagon load.

  • Lead Restriction: Short lead traffic < 100 kms shall not be eligible under this scheme.

  • Permitted wagons:  

    • Open – BOXN Group, Pure BOST Rakes.

    • Covered: BCN & BCNHL group

    • Flat wagons - mixed steel rakes – BRN group, BOST group

  • Customer need not apply under this scheme, since FOIS calculate the chargeable freight after allowing eligible freight rebate.

  • This scheme is valid upto 31.03.2021.

  • KPCA(Chettinad International Bulk Terminal Pvt Ltd) had utilized this rebated Scheme(TEFD) and had loaded a total ofd 1.8 lakh tones Gypsum to various destinations in the year 2019-20 with a earning revenue of Rs.15.33 Crores for Railways.

  • Due to change in policy in TEFD e.f. 01.05.2020, they could not transport Gypsum in LR-1 Class rate, whereas in normal course Gypsum is charged in Class-150.  The rate Class-150 is around 58% higher than the rate Class LR-1(applicable under TEFD).

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